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13 May 2010 @ 12:47 am
crappy fic is crappy....  
Title: Quietly Kill for You
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: PG
A/N: inspired in part by the line "there by the window, quietly kill for you" from "Still Life" by Alisha's Attic and in part by a picture posted in hominaday from an elle photoshoot.

“Going out again?” He studiously polished the already gleaming steel in his hand.

“Social status brings social obligations.” Yunho fastened a diamond cufflink. “I have to pick up Ji Yeon in half an hour.” The other cufflink done, he slicked down an errant strand of hair.

“Lucky you.” He meant it not at all and felt the weight of Yunho’s gaze on his lowered head.

“Behave while I’m gone, Minnie-ah.” Adjusting the black tie one last time, he strolled to Changmin and pressed one hot and hungry kiss to his bare collarbone.

“Yes, boss.” He lifted his eyes just enough to watch that tux-clad ass walk out the master suite. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes passed before he moved, standing and sliding the gun back into the drawer. He didn’t need it. The one at the small of his back would serve him far better.

Five mind-numbing hours later, Yunho staggered exhausted back into the master suite. Changmin greeted him with a smirk before loosening the tie painstakingly fixed so much earlier. Ends hanging loose, he wrapped his hands around them and tugged Yunho close for a greedy mating of lips and tongues. Long fingers danced under the hem of Min’s black shirt, sliding knowingly to the small of his back and caressing the gun nestled there lightly before removing it.

“You behaved yourself while I was gone.” Yunho broke the kiss to slide the gun into a dresser drawer.

“Of course, boss.” He tilted his head to nibble Yunho’s earlobe. “How were the social obligations?”

Yunho moaned and tangled his fingers in Min’s hair. “A bloody mess.”

“Ji Yeon?”

“Also a bloody mess.” He mashed their mouths together before mumbling, “Excellent shot, by the way.”

“She shouldn’t have tried her games on you.” Min rocked their hips together.

Yunho panted. “My sexy assassin.”
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Current Music: Still Life - Alisha's Attic
Bluebluemonkeyrain on July 3rd, 2010 12:58 pm (UTC)
PFFT. I don't think this is crappy at all.

But at the end I was a little confused. Are they both assassins? And did Changmin shoot Ji Yeon because of jealously? Haha. That's a lovely image. Killer!Min going on a rampage because of jealously. :DD

Ahhh. The idea of HoMin being assassins is mind blowing. ;DD
jesusluvsjaehojesusluvsjaeho on July 4th, 2010 05:44 am (UTC)
thanks. this did not come out quite the way i envisioned it in my mind. and, ha, you are the only one to ever comment on it. so yay!

it wasn't meant to be a clear cut drabble so as to let the reader, well, read into it what they will. in my mind, changmin is the assassin and yunho's lover. yunho is a wealthy, influential man. ji yeon found out they were lovers (not about the assassin part, obviously) and was trying to blackmail yunho. so changmin shot her. and, no, it is not the first time assassin!min has taken out someone on yunho's behalf.

though there is plenty of potential in them both being assassins...and lovers. :D

thanks for reading!